Commit 8f51f1ba authored by Kenneth Graunke's avatar Kenneth Graunke

iris: Do MEDIA_CURBE_LOAD when IRIS_DIRTY_CS is set, not constants

We only use push the compute shader thread IDs, not any actual constant
buffer data.  So we should track the compute shader variant changing,
not constbuf changes.
parent 85c72da1
......@@ -5515,7 +5515,7 @@ iris_upload_compute_state(struct iris_context *ice,
memset(curbe_data_map, 0x5a, ALIGN(cs_prog_data->, 64));
iris_fill_cs_push_const_buffer(cs_prog_data, curbe_data_map);
if (dirty & IRIS_DIRTY_CS) {
iris_emit_cmd(batch, GENX(MEDIA_CURBE_LOAD), curbe) {
curbe.CURBETotalDataLength =
ALIGN(cs_prog_data->, 64);
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