Commit 689eb68d authored by Timothy Arceri's avatar Timothy Arceri

glsl: make a copy of array indices that are used to deref a function out param

V2: make use of visit_tree()

Fixes new piglit test:
parent 55bd40ce
......@@ -348,6 +348,49 @@ verify_parameter_modes(_mesa_glsl_parse_state *state,
return true;
struct copy_index_deref_data {
void *mem_ctx;
exec_list *before_instructions;
static void
copy_index_derefs_to_temps(ir_instruction *ir, void *data)
struct copy_index_deref_data *d = (struct copy_index_deref_data *)data;
if (ir->ir_type == ir_type_dereference_array) {
ir_dereference_array *a = (ir_dereference_array *) ir;
ir = a->array->as_dereference();
ir_rvalue *idx = a->array_index;
if (idx->as_dereference_variable()) {
ir_variable *var = idx->variable_referenced();
/* If the index is read only it cannot change so there is no need
* to copy it.
if (var->data.read_only || var->data.memory_read_only)
ir_variable *tmp = new(d->mem_ctx) ir_variable(idx->type, "idx_tmp",
ir_dereference_variable *const deref_tmp_1 =
new(d->mem_ctx) ir_dereference_variable(tmp);
ir_assignment *const assignment =
new(d->mem_ctx) ir_assignment(deref_tmp_1,
idx->clone(d->mem_ctx, NULL));
/* Replace the array index with a dereference of the new temporary */
ir_dereference_variable *const deref_tmp_2 =
new(d->mem_ctx) ir_dereference_variable(tmp);
a->array_index = deref_tmp_2;
static void
fix_parameter(void *mem_ctx, ir_rvalue *actual, const glsl_type *formal_type,
exec_list *before_instructions, exec_list *after_instructions,
......@@ -362,6 +405,17 @@ fix_parameter(void *mem_ctx, ir_rvalue *actual, const glsl_type *formal_type,
&& (expr == NULL || expr->operation != ir_binop_vector_extract))
/* An array index could also be an out variable so we need to make a copy
* of them before the function is called.
if (!actual->as_dereference_variable()) {
struct copy_index_deref_data data;
data.mem_ctx = mem_ctx;
data.before_instructions = before_instructions;
visit_tree(actual, copy_index_derefs_to_temps, &data);
/* To convert an out parameter, we need to create a temporary variable to
* hold the value before conversion, and then perform the conversion after
* the function call returns.
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