Commit 0ba0c0c1 authored by Dylan Baker's avatar Dylan Baker

meson: try to use cmake as a finder for clang

Clang (like LLVM), very annoyingly refuses to provide pkg-config, and
only provides cmake (unlike LLVM which at least provides llvm-config,
even if llvm-config is terrible). Meson has gained the ability to use
cmake to find dependencies, and can successfully find Clang. This change
attempts to use cmake to find clang instead of a bunch of library
searches, when paired with -Dcmake_prefix_path we can much more reliably
use cmake to control which clang we're getting. This is only enabled for
meson >= 0.51, which adds the required options.
Reviewed-by: Eric Engestrom's avatarEric Engestrom <>
parent 5157a427
# Copyright © 2017 Intel Corporation
# Copyright © 2017-2019 Intel Corporation
# Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy
# of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal
......@@ -29,10 +29,33 @@ if with_ld_version_script
opencl_link_deps += files('opencl.sym')
_clang_modules = [
dep_clang = null_dep
if meson.version().version_compare('>=0.51')
llvm_libdir = dep_llvm.get_variable(configtool : 'libdir', cmake : 'LLVM_LIBRARY_DIR')
dep_clang = dependency('Clang', modules : _clang_modules, required : false)
_llvm_libdir = dep_llvm.get_variable(configtool : 'libdir', cmake : 'LLVM_LIBRARY_DIR')
llvm_libdir = dep_llvm.get_configtool_variable('libdir')
_llvm_libdir = dep_llvm.get_configtool_variable('libdir')
if not dep_clang.found()
dep_clang = []
foreach m : _clang_modules
dep_clang += cpp.find_library(m, dirs : _llvm_libdir)
opencl_libname = with_opencl_icd ? 'MesaOpenCL' : 'OpenCL'
......@@ -45,19 +68,7 @@ libopencl = shared_library(
link_whole : libclover,
link_with : [libpipe_loader_dynamic, libgallium, libmesa_util],
dependencies : [
dep_thread, dep_clock, dep_dl, dep_unwind, dep_elf, dep_expat,
cpp.find_library('clangCodeGen', dirs : llvm_libdir),
cpp.find_library('clangFrontendTool', dirs : llvm_libdir),
cpp.find_library('clangFrontend', dirs : llvm_libdir),
cpp.find_library('clangDriver', dirs : llvm_libdir),
cpp.find_library('clangSerialization', dirs : llvm_libdir),
cpp.find_library('clangParse', dirs : llvm_libdir),
cpp.find_library('clangSema', dirs : llvm_libdir),
cpp.find_library('clangAnalysis', dirs : llvm_libdir),
cpp.find_library('clangAST', dirs : llvm_libdir),
cpp.find_library('clangEdit', dirs : llvm_libdir),
cpp.find_library('clangLex', dirs : llvm_libdir),
cpp.find_library('clangBasic', dirs : llvm_libdir),
dep_thread, dep_clock, dep_dl, dep_unwind, dep_elf, dep_expat, dep_clang,
version : '@0@.0.0'.format(opencl_version),
install : true,
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