Commit cfc2218a authored by Alyssa Rosenzweig's avatar Alyssa Rosenzweig 💜

panfrost/decode: Remove memory comments

These do more harm than good at this point.
Signed-off-by: Alyssa Rosenzweig's avatarAlyssa Rosenzweig <>
parent 8643b89c
......@@ -43,12 +43,6 @@ int pandecode_replay_jc(mali_ptr jc_gpu_va, bool bifrost);
free(a); \
#define MEMORY_COMMENT(obj, p) {\
char *a = pointer_as_memory_reference(obj->p); \
pandecode_msg("%s = %s\n", #p, a); \
free(a); \
#define DYN_MEMORY_PROP(obj, no, p) { \
if (obj->p) \
pandecode_prop("%s = %s_%d_p", #p, #p, no); \
......@@ -1776,30 +1770,16 @@ pandecode_replay_vertex_tiler_postfix(const struct mali_vertex_tiler_postfix *p,
MEMORY_PROP(p, position_varying);
MEMORY_COMMENT(p, position_varying);
DYN_MEMORY_PROP(p, job_no, uniform_buffers);
MEMORY_COMMENT(p, uniform_buffers);
DYN_MEMORY_PROP(p, job_no, texture_trampoline);
MEMORY_COMMENT(p, texture_trampoline);
DYN_MEMORY_PROP(p, job_no, sampler_descriptor);
MEMORY_COMMENT(p, sampler_descriptor);
DYN_MEMORY_PROP(p, job_no, uniforms);
MEMORY_COMMENT(p, uniforms);
DYN_MEMORY_PROP(p, job_no, attributes);
MEMORY_COMMENT(p, attributes);
DYN_MEMORY_PROP(p, job_no, attribute_meta);
MEMORY_COMMENT(p, attribute_meta);
DYN_MEMORY_PROP(p, job_no, varyings);
MEMORY_COMMENT(p, varyings);
DYN_MEMORY_PROP(p, job_no, varying_meta);
MEMORY_COMMENT(p, varying_meta);
DYN_MEMORY_PROP(p, job_no, viewport);
MEMORY_COMMENT(p, viewport);
DYN_MEMORY_PROP(p, job_no, occlusion_counter);
MEMORY_COMMENT(p, occlusion_counter);
MEMORY_COMMENT(p, framebuffer & ~1);
pandecode_msg("%" PRIx64 "\n", p->viewport);
pandecode_msg("%" PRIx64 "\n", p->framebuffer);
if (is_bifrost)
pandecode_prop("framebuffer = scratchpad_%d_p", job_no);
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