Commit 124f6b54 authored by Alyssa Rosenzweig's avatar Alyssa Rosenzweig 💜

panfrost: Zero pixels in any axis is zero pixels total

Multiplication, not addition, so switch the logic operator.
Signed-off-by: Alyssa Rosenzweig's avatarAlyssa Rosenzweig <>
parent 06211f45
......@@ -1601,7 +1601,7 @@ panfrost_scissor_culls_everything(struct panfrost_context *ctx)
if (!(ss && ctx->rasterizer && ctx->rasterizer->base.scissor))
return false;
return (ss->minx == ss->maxx) && (ss->miny == ss->maxy);
return (ss->minx == ss->maxx) || (ss->miny == ss->maxy);
static void
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