Commit ce9682ec authored by Simon McVittie's avatar Simon McVittie
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Merge branch 'illumos_cmsg' into 'master'

Solaris and derivatives do not adjust cmsg_len on MSG_CTRUNC

Closes #304

See merge request dbus/dbus!165
parents 18336ba4 b96ef23e
......@@ -441,13 +441,32 @@ _dbus_read_socket_with_unix_fds (DBusSocket fd,
size_t i;
int *payload = (int *) CMSG_DATA (cm);
size_t payload_len_bytes = (cm->cmsg_len - CMSG_LEN (0));
size_t payload_len_fds = payload_len_bytes / sizeof (int);
size_t payload_len_fds;
size_t fds_to_use;
/* Every unsigned int fits in a size_t without truncation, so
* casting (size_t) *n_fds is OK */
_DBUS_STATIC_ASSERT (sizeof (size_t) >= sizeof (unsigned int));
if ((m.msg_flags & MSG_CTRUNC) && CMSG_NXTHDR(&m, cm) == NULL &&
(char *) payload + payload_len_bytes >
(char *) m.msg_control + m.msg_controllen)
/* This is the last cmsg in a truncated message and using
* cmsg_len would apparently overrun the allocated buffer.
* Some operating systems (illumos and Solaris are known) do
* not adjust cmsg_len in the last cmsg when truncation occurs.
* Adjust the payload length here. The calculation for
* payload_len_fds below will discard any trailing bytes that
* belong to an incomplete file descriptor - the kernel will
* have already closed that (at least for illumos and Solaris)
payload_len_bytes = m.msg_controllen -
((char *) payload - (char *) m.msg_control);
payload_len_fds = payload_len_bytes / sizeof (int);
if (_DBUS_LIKELY (payload_len_fds <= (size_t) *n_fds))
/* The fds in the payload will fit in our buffer */
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