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Better document sysroot.

All non trivial users of FontConfig must use FcConfigGetSysRoot to
resolve file properties in patterns. In order to support sysroot the
filename in the file property must be relative to the sysroot, but the
value of the file property in a pattern is directly exposed, making it
impossible for FontConfig to resolve the filename itself transparently.
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......@@ -393,7 +393,9 @@ parse error, semantic error or allocation failure. Otherwise returns FcTrue.
@TYPE1@ const FcConfig * @ARG1@ config
@PURPOSE@ Obtain the system root directory
Obtrains the system root directory in 'config' if available.
Obtains the system root directory in 'config' if available. All files
(including file properties in patterns) obtained from this 'config' are
relative to this system root directory.
@SINCE@ 2.10.92
......@@ -403,10 +405,13 @@ Obtrains the system root directory in 'config' if available.
@TYPE2@ const FcChar8 * @ARG2@ sysroot
@PURPOSE@ Set the system root directory
Set 'sysroot' as the system root directory. fontconfig prepend 'sysroot'
to the cache directories in order to allow people to generate caches at
the build time. Note that this causes changing current config. i.e.
this function calls FcConfigSetCurrent() internally.
Set 'sysroot' as the system root directory. All file paths used or created with
this 'config' (including file properties in patterns) will be considered or
made relative to this 'sysroot'. This allows a host to generate caches for
targets at build time. This also allows a cache to be re-targeted to a
different base directory if 'FcConfigGetSysRoot' is used to resolve file paths.
When setting this on the current config this causes changing current config
(calls FcConfigSetCurrent()).
@SINCE@ 2.10.92
......@@ -168,6 +168,7 @@ convenience for the application's rendering mechanism.
normal hinter
globaladvance FC_GLOBAL_ADVANCE Bool Use font global advance data (deprecated)
file FC_FILE String The filename holding the font
relative to the config's sysroot
index FC_INDEX Int The index of the font within
the file
ftface FC_FT_FACE FT_Face Use the specified FreeType
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