Commit 0b8611c2 authored by Sebastian Wick's avatar Sebastian Wick
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* adjust render intent enum

* add black point compensation
parent 93c51458
......@@ -151,10 +151,11 @@
See the ICC specification for more details about rendering intent.
<entry name="absolute" value="1" summary="ICC-absolute colorimetric"/>
<entry name="relative" value="2" summary="media-relative colorimetric"/>
<entry name="perceptual" value="3" summary="perceptual"/>
<entry name="saturation" value="4" summary="saturation"/>
<entry name="perceptual" value="0" summary="perceptual"/>
<entry name="relative" value="1" summary="media-relative colorimetric"/>
<entry name="saturation" value="2" summary="saturation"/>
<entry name="absolute" value="3" summary="ICC-absolute colorimetric"/>
<entry name="relative_bpc" value="4" summary="media-relative colorimetric + black point compensation"/>
<request name="set_color_space">
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