Commit 0215483f authored by Timur Celik's avatar Timur Celik Committed by Bastien Nocera

assembling: Fix assembling of last frame in reverse mode

The last image is always misplaced because the sign of the delta
vector isn't corrected.

This could result in false positives and verification failing.
parent 37bb59df
......@@ -132,8 +132,8 @@ static unsigned int do_movement_estimation(struct fpi_frame_asmbl_ctx *ctx,
if (reverse) {
find_overlap(ctx, prev_stripe, cur_stripe, &min_error);
prev_stripe->delta_y = -prev_stripe->delta_y;
prev_stripe->delta_x = -prev_stripe->delta_x;
cur_stripe->delta_y = -cur_stripe->delta_y;
cur_stripe->delta_x = -cur_stripe->delta_x;
find_overlap(ctx, cur_stripe, prev_stripe, &min_error);
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