Commit 31b985f5 authored by Bastien Nocera's avatar Bastien Nocera
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device: Fix crash on exit

Fix a possible crash when an fprintd client disappears. If the client
requested for the device to be released, then, without waiting for the
reply of that release, disappeared from the bus, we would try to close
it a second time, accessing a function pointer that didn't exist

parent 661684b1
......@@ -558,7 +558,12 @@ _fprint_device_client_vanished (GDBusConnection *connection,
/* Close the claimed device as well */
if (priv->dev) {
fp_async_dev_close (priv->dev, action_stop_cb, &done);
struct fp_dev *dev;
dev = priv->dev;
priv->dev = NULL;
fp_async_dev_close (dev, action_stop_cb, &done);
while (done == FALSE)
g_main_context_iteration (NULL, TRUE);
......@@ -737,8 +742,13 @@ static void fprint_device_release(FprintDevice *rdev,
session->context_release_device = context;
if (priv->dev)
fp_async_dev_close(priv->dev, dev_close_cb, rdev);
if (priv->dev) {
struct fp_dev *dev;
dev = priv->dev;
priv->dev = NULL;
fp_async_dev_close(dev, dev_close_cb, rdev);
static void verify_cb(struct fp_dev *dev, int r, struct fp_img *img,
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