1. 22 Jan, 2021 1 commit
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      simtech: fix updating bitmask during gps disabling · 66010ed1
      Lukas Senger authored
      During disabling of gps sources the bitmask that keeps track of them is
      updated incorrectly. Instead of removing the current source, all other
      sources are removed from the mask.
      One problem that arises from this is, that when you enable GPS after it
      has been disabled completely (e.g. by disabling all GPS sources), the
      code will not send a "+CGPS=1,1" command because it incorrectly assumes
      that GPS is still enabled on the device.
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    • Torsten Hilbrich's avatar
      broadband-modem-mbim: Add MM_BROADBAND_MODEM_MBIM_QMI_UNSUPPORTED · 8072ed2d
      Torsten Hilbrich authored
      This property (initially set to FALSE) controls whether QMI over MBIM
      should never be considered. This property is set to TRUE for XMM-based
      MBIM devices as they don't support QMI.
      This fixes a probing delay of 15s on a Fibocom L850-GL device
      (2cb7:0007) found in the Lenovo T14 Gen 1.
      The establishing of a QMI connection was refused multiple time with
      MBIM error OperationNotAllowed. Only the timeout of 15s for this
      connection resumed the probing.
      The properties in the MMBroadbandModemMbim are only installed when
      WITH_QMI and QMI_MBIM_QMUX_SUPPORTED are set. Actually, this should only
      disable the PROP_QMI_UNSUPPORTED but as this is the only property this
      avoids the "unused variable 'self'" warnings/errors when trying to
      compile set_property and get_property without QMI support. This can be
      changed once other properties are needed.
      Fixes mobile-broadband/ModemManager#284
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    • Eric Caruso's avatar
      introspection: fix Bearer documentation · 446d4970
      Eric Caruso authored
      If e.g. a bearer with IPv6 configuration has DNS servers but exports
      its link-local address, MM will avoid giving it the "static" method
      type, and instead fall back to the "dhcp" type. However, it may
      still have DNS information. Therefore, the comment that "method" is
      the only property on configuration with type DHCP is misleading.
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