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      Add webdav channel · 382ecfa1
      Marc-André Lureau authored
      See spice-common for protocol details.  phodav, a webdav server library,
      is imported thanks to a submodule, until this project has a stable API
      and releases.
      The webdav channel is reponsible for handling port events and
      multiplexing the request streams. Extra care has been made to avoid
      blocking and to enable some fairness between concurrent streams, however
      this has been particularly tricky and is likely to have some issues
      The webdav server is run in a seperate thread, using libsoup. The client
      communication is done via a local tcp socket, but protected to only
      accept local connection and with a pretty strong password.
      The home directory is exported for the remote to browse, which seems to
      be a sensible default atm.
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      build-sys: keep common submodule up to date · 5150285e
      Marc-André Lureau authored
      This requires git 1.8.2 to work properly. With this we should no longer
      need to update the reference, assuming the tarball is always up to
      date (that doesn't change from before, you need to update the submodule)
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      build-sys: move codegen & proto to spice-common · 05a203af
      Marc-André Lureau authored
      With this iteration, all the spice_codegen.py/proto/marshaller
      generation has been moved to spice-common.
      The spice-common directory will ship spice-protocol, since it's needed
      there too to build libspice-common.
      Again, make distcheck passes. Build with mingw & fedora linux.
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