1. 15 Jun, 2015 3 commits
  2. 09 Jun, 2015 2 commits
    • Victor Toso's avatar
      webdav: keep phodav requirements inside USE_PHODAV · ef2c7985
      Victor Toso authored
      Commit 33d40162 uses
      g_output_stream_write_all_async/finish which is on gio 2.44 version.
      This breaks the build on older systems even if --disable-webdav is used.
      Using #USE_PHODAV to wrap those functions that will not be called
      without --enable-webdav.
    • Fabiano Fidêncio's avatar
      spice-widget: Do not update display when resize-guest is disabled · 28312b8d
      Fabiano Fidêncio authored
      Updating the display causes weird behaviors in virt-viewer, like
      re-resizing to a previous monitor config when, after changing the
      display resolution (through System > PReferences > Displays). the agent
      It is not perfect yet, because when the agent reconnects the guest
      resizes to the previous config and switch to the proper one, but this
      seems more like an agent bug than a spice-gtk one.
  3. 08 Jun, 2015 4 commits
  4. 05 Jun, 2015 20 commits
  5. 03 Jun, 2015 1 commit
  6. 28 May, 2015 1 commit
    • Marc-André Lureau's avatar
      session: disable default socket proxy · 3bf5ef7d
      Marc-André Lureau authored
      GSocketClient uses the system proxy by default, and it may end up using
      the system HTTP proxy with bad results if CONNECT is not
      supported. spice-gtk uses it's own SPICE_PROXY instead, and doesn't rely
      on GSocketClient default proxy but GProxyAddress instead. Disabling the
      default proxy solve a wrong proxy from being used.
      It may be worth to revisit this change if GSocketClient can be told to
      ignore proxies that are not eligible for Spice connections. (HTTP could
      be though, in which case it would be a user configuration issue)
  7. 20 May, 2015 2 commits
    • Benjamin Gilbert's avatar
    • Marc-André Lureau's avatar
      iopipe: fix leak of streams · bbfb1562
      Marc-André Lureau authored
      g_simple_io_stream_new() do not steal references from us, unref the
      streams to avoid the leaks.
      Leak found by Victor Toso.
      ==30787== 2,808 (648 direct, 2,160 indirect) bytes in 9 blocks are definitely lost in loss record 479 of 482
      ==30787==    at 0x93AEBFD: g_type_create_instance (gtype.c:1849)
      ==30787==    by 0x939128A: g_object_new_internal (gobject.c:1774)
      ==30787==    by 0x9392AA0: g_object_newv (gobject.c:1921)
      ==30787==    by 0x939338B: g_object_new (gobject.c:1614)
      ==30787==    by 0x403B30: make_gio_pipe (giopipe.c:441)
      ==30787==    by 0x403C8E: spice_make_pipe (giopipe.c:465)
      ==30787==    by 0x4029B5: fixture_set_up (pipe.c:42)
      ==30787==    by 0x9844EC8: test_case_run (gtestutils.c:2123)
      ==30787==    by 0x9844EC8: g_test_run_suite_internal (gtestutils.c:2185)
      ==30787==    by 0x984509A: g_test_run_suite_internal (gtestutils.c:2196)
      ==30787==    by 0x98453FA: g_test_run_suite (gtestutils.c:2249)
      ==30787==    by 0x9845430: g_test_run (gtestutils.c:1553)
      ==30787==    by 0x402012: main (pipe.c:312)
  8. 12 May, 2015 2 commits
  9. 07 May, 2015 5 commits