Commit 6c323ca9 authored by Jonathon Jongsma's avatar Jonathon Jongsma

Update NEWS for 0.30 release

parent ae292bdd
- spice-protocol is no longer bundled with spice-gtk. Requires
spice-protocol >= 0.12.10
- Handle single headed monitors that have a non-zero x, y config
- various small improvements to 'spicy' test application
- Fix build with automake < 1.13
- various bug fixes and improvements
- New API:
- spice_main_update_display_enabled()
- Add SpiceSession::preferred-compression property and
--spice-preferred-compression commandline switch (requires a
yet-to-be-released version of spice server)
- ability to set the SpiceDisplay::keypress-delay property via a new
SPICE_KEYPRESS_DELAY environment variable
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