Commit ef1b6ff7 authored by Frediano Ziglio's avatar Frediano Ziglio

quic: Check RLE lengths

Avoid buffer overflows decoding images. On compression we compute
lengths till end of line so it won't cause regressions.
Proved by fuzzing the code.
Signed-off-by: Frediano Ziglio's avatarFrediano Ziglio <>
Acked-by: Uri Lublin's avatarUri Lublin <>
parent 404d7478
......@@ -563,7 +563,11 @@ static void FNAME_DECL(uncompress_row_seg)(const PIXEL * const prev_row,
state->waitcnt = stopidx - i;
run_index = i;
run_end = i + decode_state_run(encoder, state);
run_end = decode_state_run(encoder, state);
if (run_end < 0 || run_end > (end - i)) {
encoder->usr->error(encoder->usr, "wrong RLE\n");
run_end += i;
for (; i < run_end; i++) {
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