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CHANGELOG: To use markdown

We will prefer CHANGELOG over NEWS just as matter of Gitlab's.
Followup patch will move NEWS content to CHANGELOG.

This patch renames ChangeLog -> and changes some style to
follow Markdown. Also adds 'News in' string to the title of each
Signed-off-by: Victor Toso's avatarVictor Toso <>
Acked-by: Jakub Janků's avatarJakub Janků <>
parent 4452b1d3
News in spice-vdagent 0.15.0
* Xspice support
* Release clipboard on client disconnect if owned by client (rhbz#1003977)
* Turn some error messages into debugging messages (rhbz#918310)
* Not having the virtio channel is not an error; instead silently do nothing
News in spice-vdagent 0.14.0
* More multi-monitor and arbritary resolution support bugfixes
* Add support for file transfers from client to guest
* Add support for setups with multiple Screens (multiple qxl devices each
mapped to their own screen), limitations:
-Max one monitor per Screen / qxl device
-All monitors / Screens must have the same resolution
-No client -> guest resolution syncing
* Max one monitor per Screen / qxl device
* All monitors / Screens must have the same resolution
* No client -> guest resolution syncing
* Add spice-vdagent -X cmdline option, which runtime disables console-kit /
systemd-logind integration for setups where these are not used
* Add manpages for spice-vdagent and spice-vdagentd
News in spice-vdagent 0.12.1
* Various bugfixes for multi-monitor and arbritary resolution support
* Requires libXrandr >= 1.3, Note 0.12.0 also required this, but did not
check for it. For older distributions use 0.10.1
News in spice-vdagent 0.12.0
* Full multi-monitor and arbritary resolution support, this requires a new
enough xorg-x11-drv-qxl driver, as well as a new enough host
* systemd service support, using systemd hardware acivation
* Use syslog for logging, rather then logging to private log files
News in spice-vdagent 0.10.1
* Fix a race condition when opening the vdagent virtio serial port, which
caused it to get opened / closed in rapid succession a number of times
on vm boot
News in spice-vdagent 0.10.0
* Add limited support for multiple displays, see README
* Add support for RHEL-5 (and other distributions with a non hotplug
capable Xorg and/or no console-kit), see README.RHEL-5
* Add support for using libsystemd-logind as session information source
instead of console-kit
News in spice-vdagent 0.8.1
* In daemon mode the session vdagent now retries connecting to the system
vdagentd every second, once a connection is made a version check is done,
if the version differs (which only happens on an upgrade from one version
to the next) the sesion vdagent re-execs itself (Marc-André Lureau)
News in spice-vdagent 0.8.0
* Add support for copy and paste using the primary selection, to use this
you need a spice-gtk widget based client and the latest spice-gtk code
(Marc-André Lureau and Hans de Goede)
......@@ -62,8 +70,9 @@ spice-vdagent-0.8.0
as RHEL-5 (Christophe Fergeau)
* Various small bugfixes (Hans de Goede)
News in spice-vdagent 0.6.3
* Initial release, starting with version nr 0.6.3, to indicate that it
more or less supports all parts of the cdagent protocol in spice-protocol
and spice 0.6.3
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