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Prepare to 0.18.0 release

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Overview of changes in SPICE vdagent 0.18.0
- Add GTK+ framework to handle x11 backend such as clipboard
- Deprecate X11 backend in favor of GTK+ framework
- Ask pkg-config to appropriate directory to install udev rules
- Fix leak of udscs's file descriptor
- Better quote directory path when calling xdg-open to save file transfer
- Bump GLib to 2.34
- Add systemd socket activation (rhbz#1340160)
- Add support to detailed errors on file transfers
- Add check for available free space in guest before starting a file transfer
- Use better names for duplicated files on file transfer
- Improve support on big endian guests (#5)
- Use IdleHint to check if a session is locked over console-kit (rhbz#1412673)
- Fixes double free on errors over udscs by improving memory ownership
- Hide autostart file on Unity
- Improve command line messages for vdagentd
- Fix typo in --enable-static-uinput configure option
- Code repository moved to
Overview of changes in SPICE vdagent 0.17.0
AC_INIT([spice-vdagent], [0.17.0])
AC_INIT([spice-vdagent], [0.18.0])
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