Commit 5374fcc5 authored by Jonathon Jongsma's avatar Jonathon Jongsma

Use new function in vdagent_x11_send_daemon_guest_xorg_res()

Rather than getting the current guest resolution in a
VDAgentMonitorsConfig struct and then translating it to a new struct
type for sending down to the daemon, simply use the new function that
was factored out in a previous commit and populate the message struct
Acked-by: Lukáš Hrázký's avatarLukáš Hrázký <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJonathon Jongsma <>
parent 254b5472
......@@ -1071,25 +1071,20 @@ void vdagent_x11_send_daemon_guest_xorg_res(struct vdagent_x11 *x11, int update)
int i, width = 0, height = 0, screen_count = 0;
if (x11->has_xrandr) {
VDAgentMonitorsConfig *curr;
if (update)
update_randr_res(x11, 0);
curr = get_current_mon_config(x11);
if (!curr)
goto no_info;
screen_count = curr->num_of_monitors;
screen_count = x11->randr.res->noutput;
res = g_new(struct vdagentd_guest_xorg_resolution, screen_count);
for (i = 0; i < screen_count; i++) {
res[i].width = curr->monitors[i].width;
res[i].height = curr->monitors[i].height;
res[i].x = curr->monitors[i].x;
res[i].y = curr->monitors[i].y;
struct vdagentd_guest_xorg_resolution *curr = &res[i];
if (!get_monitor_info_for_output_index(x11, i, &curr->x, &curr->y,
&curr->width, &curr->height)) {
goto no_info;
width = x11->width[0];
height = x11->height[0];
} else if (x11->has_xinerama) {
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