Commit 4452b1d3 authored by Victor Toso's avatar Victor Toso

README: Remove non relevant features information

It is not relevant nowadays that *spicec* client was removed and even
monitors_config does not reach spice-vdagent in modern Guests.

Also add block quote for qemu cmdline and system's paths to make it
easier to copy-and-paste.
Signed-off-by: Victor Toso's avatarVictor Toso <>
Acked-by: Jakub Janků's avatarJakub Janků <>
parent 0193a537
......@@ -23,36 +23,28 @@ Features:
* Support for transferring files from the client to the agent
* Full support for multiple displays using Xrandr, this requires a new
enough xorg-x11-drv-qxl driver, as well as a new enough host.
* Limited support for multiple displays using Xinerama, prerequisites:
* A new enough Xorg server: Fedora 17 or greater, for RHEL 6
xorg-x11-server-1.10.4-6.el6_2.3 or greater.
* A vm configured with multiple qxl devices
* A guest running the latest spice-vdagent
Then connect to the vm with the multiple monitor client which you want to
use it with using: "spicec --full-screen=auto-config" (or the user portal
equivalent). At this point the agent will write out a:
/run/spice-vdagentd/xorg.conf.spice file. With all the necessary magic
to get Xinerama working. Move this file to /etc/X11/xorg.conf, then kill
Xorg so that it will get restarted and you should be good to go.
* Limited support for multiple displays using Xinerama.
* Limited support for setups with multiple Screens (multiple qxl devices each
mapped to their own screen), limitations:
-Max one monitor per Screen / qxl device
-All monitors / Screens must have the same resolution
-No client -> guest resolution syncing
mapped to their own screen)
All vdagent communications on the guest side run over a single pipe which
gets presented to the guest os as a virtio serial port.
Under windows this virtio serial port has the following name:
Under Linux this virtio serial port has the following name:
To enable the virtio serial port you need to pass the following params on
the qemu cmdline:
-device virtio-serial-pci,id=virtio-serial0,max_ports=16,bus=pci.0,addr=0x5 \
-chardev spicevmc,name=vdagent,id=vdagent \
-device \
-device virtio-serial-pci,id=virtio-serial0,max_ports=16,bus=pci.0,addr=0x5 \
-chardev spicevmc,name=vdagent,id=vdagent \
-device virtserialport,nr=1,bus=virtio-serial0.0,chardev=vdagent,name=com.redhat.spice.0
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