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dbus 1.13.16 (UNRELEASED)
The API reference manual can be built as a Qt compiled help file if
qhelpgenerator(-qt5) is available. This is controlled by
--enable-qt-help and --with-qchdir in the Autotools build, or
(dbus!150, Ralf Habacker)
When built for Windows, return all autolaunch error information in
the DBusError rather than printing some of it to stderr
(dbus#191, dbus!131; Ralf Habacker)
When built for Windows, don't truncate long log messages
(dbus!134, Ralf Habacker)
• When built using CMake for a Unix platform, dbus-cleanup-sockets and
dbus-uuidgen are now included (dbus!154, Ralf Habacker)
• When built for Windows with verbose mode enabled, don't print debugging
messages related to poll() emulation into a fixed-size buffer that
could overflow (dbus!125, Ralf Habacker)
Adjust .desktop file parser to avoid a Coverity false positive
(dbus!146, Coverity CID 354884; Ralf Habacker)
Print shell-test diagnostics to stderr, avoiding warnings or errors
from strict TAP parsers (dbus!157, Félix Piédallu)
Tests and CI enhancements:
When the CI cross-builds Windows binaries on Linux, run unit tests
using Wine (dbus#296, dbus!158; Ralf Habacker)
Really build x86_64 Windows binaries in Gitlab-CI, instead of building
i686 binaries a second time (Ralf Habacker)
When tests will be run using Wine, use STABS debug symbol format so
that Wine can display backtraces (dbus#133, dbus!104; Ralf Habacker)
dbus 1.13.14 (2020-04-21)
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