Authored by Icecream95

Panfrost fixes for Linux 5.5-rc6


This patch won't be needed for 5.5.0 as it has now been upstreamed.

This patch is a rebase of panfrost/5.4-fixes onto 5.5-rc6.

If you don't want to recompile the whole kernel, you can recompile just the panfrost module:

  1. Extract the kernel sources for the running kernel

  2. Download this patch

  3. Apply the patch, either with git apply or patch -p1 -i

  4. zcat /proc/config.gz >.config

  5. make prepare

  6. make M=drivers/gpu/drm/panfrost

  7. Copy the module somewhere:
    sudo cp drivers/gpu/drm/panfrost/panfrost.ko /opt/panfrost.ko

  8. To switch to the new module, stop any X or Wayland sessions and run:
    sudo rmmod panfrost; sudo insmod /opt/panfrost.ko

panfrost-5.5-rc6-fixes.patch 26.9 KB
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