Commit 85c38f36 authored by Ray Strode's avatar Ray Strode
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jsauthority: re-enable JIT

seems to work with mozjs52
parent 7a3d3b86
......@@ -458,13 +458,10 @@ polkit_backend_js_authority_constructed (GObject *object)
if (!JS::InitSelfHostedCode (authority->priv->cx))
goto fail;
/* TODO: JIT'ing doesn't work will with killing runaway scripts... I think
* this is just a SpiderMonkey bug. So disable the JIT for now.
JS::ContextOptionsRef (authority->priv->cx)
.setIon (FALSE)
.setBaseline (FALSE)
.setAsmJS (FALSE);
.setIon (TRUE)
.setBaseline (TRUE)
.setAsmJS (TRUE);
JS::SetWarningReporter(authority->priv->cx, report_error);
JS_SetContextPrivate (authority->priv->cx, authority);
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