Commit 118f72cd authored by John Palmieri's avatar John Palmieri
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* Python bindings are updated to reflect C API changes which now

  accept plain path strings instead of an array of path elements.
parent a8b1cf07
2004-06-07 John (J5) Palmieri <>
* python/ No longer need to parse path
elements and pass them as arrays of strings. The C API now
accepts plain path strings.
(_build_parsed_path): removed
2004-06-07 Havoc Pennington <>
* doc/TODO: remove auto-activation item since it's done; sort
......@@ -112,10 +112,6 @@ cdef DBusHandlerResult cmessage_function_handler (DBusConnection *connection,
cdef class Connection:
cdef DBusConnection *conn
# FIXME: this is a major major hack. We use this because casting values to
# python objects and returning seemed to be corrupting them. This is a "global variable" :-(
cdef char **_parsed_path
def __init__(self, address=None, Connection _conn=None):
cdef DBusConnection *c_conn
cdef char *c_address
......@@ -147,22 +143,6 @@ cdef class Connection:
cdef DBusConnection *_get_conn(self):
return self.conn
#FIXME: this is totally busted, don't use a class shared member like parsed_path
def _build_parsed_path(self, path_element_list):
cdef char **cpatharray
cdef int i
cdef int size
size = len(path_element_list)
cpatharray = <char **>malloc(sizeof(char*) * (size + 1))
for i from 0 <= i < size:
path_element = path_element_list[i]
cpatharray[i] = path_element
cpatharray[size] = NULL
self._parsed_path = cpatharray
def get_base_service(self):
return bus_get_base_service(self)
......@@ -342,10 +322,7 @@ cdef class Connection:
global _user_data_references
path_element_list = path[1:].split('/')
return dbus_connection_register_object_path(self.conn, self._parsed_path, &cvtable,
return dbus_connection_register_object_path(self.conn, path, &cvtable,
def register_fallback(self, path, unregister_cb, message_cb):
......@@ -358,10 +335,7 @@ cdef class Connection:
global _user_data_references
path_element_list = path[1:].split('/')
return dbus_connection_register_fallback(self.conn, self._parsed_path, &cvtable,
return dbus_connection_register_fallback(self.conn, path, &cvtable,
#FIXME: unregister_object_path , see problems with remove_filter
......@@ -370,10 +344,7 @@ cdef class Connection:
cdef char **cchild_entries
cdef dbus_bool_t retval
path_element_list = parent_path[1:].split('/')
retval = dbus_connection_list_registered(self.conn, self._parsed_path, &cchild_entries)
retval = dbus_connection_list_registered(self.conn, parent_path, &cchild_entries)
if (not retval):
#FIXME: raise out of memory exception?
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