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Signed-off-by: Simon McVittie's avatarSimon McVittie <>
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dbus 1.13.18 (UNRELEASED)
The carnivorous border release.
Maybe security fixes:
On Unix, avoid a use-after-free if two usernames have the same
numeric uid. In older versions this could lead to a crash (denial of
service) or other undefined behaviour, possibly including incorrect
authorization decisions if <policy group=...> is used.
Like Unix filesystems, D-Bus' model of identity cannot distinguish
between users of different names with the same numeric uid, so this
configuration is not advisable on systems where D-Bus will be used.
Thanks to Daniel Onaca.
(dbus#305, dbus!166; Simon McVittie)
Other fixes:
• On Solaris and its derivatives, if a cmsg header is truncated, ensure
that we do not overrun the buffer used for fd-passing, even if the
kernel tells us to.
(dbus#304, dbus!165; Andy Fiddaman)
• When built with CMake, use GNUInstallDirs' special-cases for prefixes
/, /usr and /opt/*
(dbus!155, Ralf Habacker)
When built with CMake on Linux, allow systemd-specific features to be
enabled, for feature parity with Autotools
(dbus!155, Ralf Habacker)
When built with CMake, install the same example files as with Autotools
(dbus!155, Ralf Habacker)
Correct the doc-comment for DBUS_ERROR_SPAWN_NO_MEMORY
(dbus!163, Marc-André Lureau)
dbus 1.13.16 (2020-06-02)
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