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Revert "bin: Hold the state lock while removing elements from a bin"

This reverts commit 7f70d7a9
parent a129b7df
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......@@ -1864,19 +1864,6 @@ gst_bin_remove (GstBin * bin, GstElement * element)
if (G_UNLIKELY (bclass->remove_element == NULL))
goto no_function;
/* We need to take the state lock here to ensure that we're
* not currently just before setting the state of this child
* element. Otherwise it can happen that we removed the element
* here and e.g. set it to NULL state, and shortly afterwards
* have another thread set it to a higher state again as part of
* a state change for the whole bin.
* When adding an element to the bin this is not needed as we
* require callers to always ensure after adding to the bin that
* the new element is set to the correct state.
GST_CAT_DEBUG (GST_CAT_PARENTAGE, "removing element %s from bin %s",
......@@ -1884,8 +1871,6 @@ gst_bin_remove (GstBin * bin, GstElement * element)
result = bclass->remove_element (bin, element);
return result;
/* ERROR handling */
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