Commit f8abb8cf authored by Stefan Kost's avatar Stefan Kost

debug: also cast packet.packetno to gint64 in debug log

We do this already for granulepos to handle ogg_int64_t mismatches.
parent 9e8db533
......@@ -1348,7 +1348,7 @@ theora_dec_decode_buffer (GstTheoraDec * dec, GstBuffer * buf)
GST_DEBUG_OBJECT (dec, "header=%02x packetno=%" G_GINT64_FORMAT ", "
"granule pos=%" G_GINT64_FORMAT ", outtime=%" GST_TIME_FORMAT,
packet.bytes ? packet.packet[0] : -1, packet.packetno,
packet.bytes ? packet.packet[0] : -1, (gint64) packet.packetno,
(gint64) packet.granulepos, GST_TIME_ARGS (dec->last_timestamp));
/* switch depending on packet type. A zero byte packet is always a data
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