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rtsp: add some more docs

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......@@ -108,6 +108,21 @@ typedef struct
* GstRTSPTransport:
* @trans: the transport mode
* @profile: the tansport profile
* @lower_transport: the lower transport
* @destination: the destination ip/hostname
* @source: the source ip/hostname
* @layers: the number of layers
* @mode_play: if play mode was selected
* @mode_record: if record mode was selected
* @append: is append mode was selected
* @interleaved: the interleave range
* @ttl: the time to live for multicast UDP
* @port: the port pair for multicast sessions
* @client_port: the client port pair for receiving data
* @server_port: the server port pair for receiving data
* @ssrc: the ssrc that the sender/receiver will use
* A structure holding the RTSP transport values.
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