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Commit 98332bda authored by Wim Taymans's avatar Wim Taymans

docs: fix RGB8P format description docs

parent 87fd43aa
......@@ -897,19 +897,22 @@ Formats
"RGB8P" 8-bit paletted RGB
Component 0: R
Component 0: INDEX
depth: 8
pstride: 1
default offset: 0
default rstride: RU4 (width)
default size: rstride (component0) * height
Component 1: G
depth 8
Component 2: B
depth: 8
Component 1: PALETTE
depth 32
pstride: 4
default offset: size (component0)
rstride: 4
size: 256 * 4
default pstride: 1
default rstride: RU4 (width)
default size: rstride (image) * height
default size: size (component0) + size (component1)
"YUV9" planar 4:1:0 YUV
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