Commit 92465ba8 authored by Tim-Philipp Müller's avatar Tim-Philipp Müller
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rtspconnection: we can use GLib 2.18 API unconditionally now

parent 74b83a69
......@@ -917,12 +917,7 @@ auth_digest_compute_response (const gchar * method,
memcpy (hex_a2, digest_string, strlen (digest_string));
/* compute KD */
#if GLIB_CHECK_VERSION (2, 18, 0)
g_checksum_reset (md5_context);
g_checksum_free (md5_context);
md5_context = g_checksum_new (G_CHECKSUM_MD5);
g_checksum_update (md5_context, (const guchar *) hex_a1, strlen (hex_a1));
g_checksum_update (md5_context, (const guchar *) ":", 1);
g_checksum_update (md5_context, (const guchar *) nonce, strlen (nonce));
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