Commit 24478261 authored by Tim-Philipp Müller's avatar Tim-Philipp Müller 🐠

adder: send CAPS event downstream fixing not-negotiated errors

Make sure to send a CAPS event downstream when we get our
first input caps. This fixes not-negotiated errors and
adder use with downstream elements other than fakesink.

Even gst-launch-1.0 audiotestsrc ! adder ! pulsesink works now.

Also, flag the other sink pads as FIXED_CAPS when we receive
the first CAPS event on one of the sink pads (in addition to
setting those caps on the the sink pads), so that a caps query
will just return the fixed caps from now on.

There's still a race between other upstreams checking if
caps are accepted and sending a first buffer with possibly
different caps than the first caps we receive on some other
pad, but such is life.

Also need to take into account optional fields better/properly.
parent ec13933a
......@@ -252,8 +252,12 @@ setcapsfunc (const GValue * item, IterData * data)
GstPad *otherpad = g_value_get_object (item);
if (otherpad != data->pad)
if (otherpad != data->pad) {
GST_LOG_OBJECT (data->pad, "calling set_caps with %" GST_PTR_FORMAT,
gst_pad_set_caps (data->pad, data->caps);
gst_pad_use_fixed_caps (data->pad);
/* the first caps we receive on any of the sinkpads will define the caps for all
......@@ -267,13 +271,32 @@ gst_adder_setcaps (GstAdder * adder, GstPad * pad, GstCaps * caps)
IterData idata;
gboolean done;
/* this get called recursively due to gst_iterator_foreach calling
/* this gets called recursively due to gst_iterator_foreach calling
* gst_pad_set_caps() */
if (adder->in_setcaps)
return TRUE;
GST_LOG_OBJECT (adder, "setting caps pad %p,%s to %" GST_PTR_FORMAT, pad,
GST_PAD_NAME (pad), caps);
/* don't allow reconfiguration for now; there's still a race between the
* different upstream threads doing query_caps + accept_caps + sending
* (possibly different) CAPS events, but there's not much we can do about
* that, upstream needs to deal with it. */
if (adder->current_caps != NULL) {
/* FIXME: not quite right for optional fields such as channel-mask, which
* may or may not be present for mono/stereo */
if (gst_caps_is_equal (caps, adder->current_caps)) {
return TRUE;
} else {
GST_DEBUG_OBJECT (pad, "got input caps %" GST_PTR_FORMAT ", but "
"current caps are %" GST_PTR_FORMAT, caps, adder->current_caps);
gst_pad_push_event (pad, gst_event_new_reconfigure ());
return FALSE;
GST_INFO_OBJECT (pad, "setting caps to %" GST_PTR_FORMAT, caps);
adder->current_caps = gst_caps_ref (caps);
gst_pad_push_event (adder->srcpad, gst_event_new_caps (adder->current_caps));
it = gst_element_iterate_pads (GST_ELEMENT_CAST (adder));
......@@ -300,8 +323,7 @@ gst_adder_setcaps (GstAdder * adder, GstPad * pad, GstCaps * caps)
adder->in_setcaps = FALSE;
gst_iterator_free (it);
GST_LOG_OBJECT (adder, "handle caps changes on pad %p,%s to %" GST_PTR_FORMAT,
pad, GST_PAD_NAME (pad), caps);
GST_INFO_OBJECT (pad, "handle caps change to %" GST_PTR_FORMAT, caps);
if (!gst_audio_info_from_caps (&adder->info, caps))
goto invalid_format;
......@@ -339,7 +361,7 @@ gst_adder_setcaps (GstAdder * adder, GstPad * pad, GstCaps * caps)
/* ERRORS */
GST_DEBUG_OBJECT (adder, "invalid format set as caps");
GST_WARNING_OBJECT (adder, "invalid format set as caps");
return FALSE;
......@@ -889,6 +911,7 @@ gst_adder_init (GstAdder * adder)
GST_PAD_SET_PROXY_CAPS (adder->srcpad);
gst_element_add_pad (GST_ELEMENT (adder), adder->srcpad);
adder->current_caps = NULL;
gst_audio_info_init (&adder->info);
adder->padcount = 0;
adder->func = NULL;
......@@ -915,6 +938,8 @@ gst_adder_dispose (GObject * object)
adder->collect = NULL;
gst_caps_replace (&adder->filter_caps, NULL);
gst_caps_replace (&adder->current_caps, NULL);
if (adder->pending_events) {
g_list_foreach (adder->pending_events, (GFunc) gst_event_unref, NULL);
g_list_free (adder->pending_events);
......@@ -1313,6 +1338,7 @@ gst_adder_change_state (GstElement * element, GstStateChange transition)
adder->flush_stop_pending = FALSE;
adder->new_segment_pending = TRUE;
adder->wait_for_new_segment = FALSE;
gst_caps_replace (&adder->current_caps, NULL);
gst_segment_init (&adder->segment, GST_FORMAT_TIME);
gst_collect_pads_start (adder->collect);
......@@ -71,7 +71,10 @@ struct _GstAdder {
/* src event handling */
volatile gboolean flush_stop_pending;
/* target caps */
/* current caps */
GstCaps *current_caps;
/* target caps (set via property) */
GstCaps *filter_caps;
/* Pending inline events */
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