Commit 0ac35d85 authored by Benjamin Otte's avatar Benjamin Otte

theora: Don't check for theora.pc anymore

THe new APIs from theoradec and theoraenc are used now.
parent 3cb94849
......@@ -605,9 +605,6 @@ AG_GST_CHECK_FEATURE(THEORA, [Xiph Theora video codec], theora, [
dnl theoraenc and theoradec appeared in 1.0beta3
AG_GST_PKG_CHECK_MODULES(THEORA, theoradec theoraenc)
if test x$HAVE_THEORA = xno; then
AG_GST_PKG_CHECK_MODULES(THEORA, theora >= 1.0beta1)
dnl *** vorbis ***
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