Commit 04c69952 authored by Brian Peters's avatar Brian Peters Committed by Tim-Philipp Müller
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rtp: buffer: don't access NULL buffer pointer

unmap will set rtpbuffer->buffer to NULL, so we need to
save the pointer to access it while the RTP buffer is
parent 232bdf17
......@@ -787,8 +787,10 @@ ensure_buffers (GstRTPBuffer * rtp)
if (changed) {
GstBuffer *buf = rtp->buffer;
gst_rtp_buffer_unmap (rtp);
gst_buffer_remove_memory_range (rtp->buffer, pos, -1);
gst_buffer_remove_memory_range (buf, pos, -1);
gst_rtp_buffer_map (rtp->buffer, GST_MAP_READWRITE, rtp);
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