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    ext/theora/: Copy seqnum. · 68eb1421
    Wim Taymans authored
    Original commit message from CVS:
    * ext/theora/gsttheoradec.h:
    * ext/theora/theoradec.c: (gst_theora_dec_init),
    (gst_theora_dec_reset), (theora_dec_src_event),
    (theora_dec_sink_event), (theora_handle_type_packet):
    Copy seqnum.
    Keep events in a pending list, like vorbisdec, instead of trying
    to construct a segment event ourselves.
    * ext/vorbis/vorbisdec.c: (gst_vorbis_dec_reset),
    (vorbis_dec_src_event), (vorbis_dec_sink_event):
    * ext/vorbis/vorbisdec.h:
    Copy seqnum.
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