Release 4.1.0



  • The slirp_new() API, simpler and more extensible than slirp_init().
  • Allow custom MTU configuration.
  • Option to disable host loopback connections.
  • CI now runs scan-build too.


  • Disable tcp_emu() by default. tcp_emu() is known to have caused several CVEs, and not useful today in most cases. The feature can be still enabled by setting SlirpConfig.enable_emu to true.
  • meson build system is now subproject() friendly.
  • Replace remaining malloc()/free() with glib (which aborts on OOM)
  • Various code cleanups.


  • The slirp_init() API.


  • getpeername() error after shutdown(SHUT_WR).
  • Exec forward: correctly parse command lines that contain spaces.
  • Allow destination address.
  • Make host receive broadcast packets.
  • Various memory related fixes (heap overflow, leaks, NULL dereference).
  • Compilation warnings, dead code.