Commit e9bf900d authored by Wang Xin-yu (王昕宇)'s avatar Wang Xin-yu (王昕宇) Committed by Matthew Waters

gl: fix multi gl object leaks

1. fix FBO leaks in decide_allocation
2. fix texture leaks in decide_allocation and reset
3. fix texture leaks in FBO incomplete error path
parent 8c7916d4
......@@ -641,6 +641,12 @@ gst_gl_mixer_decide_allocation (GstGLMixer * mix, GstQuery * query)
out_width = GST_VIDEO_INFO_WIDTH (&vagg->info);
out_height = GST_VIDEO_INFO_HEIGHT (&vagg->info);
if (mix->fbo) {
gst_gl_context_del_fbo (mix->context, mix->fbo, mix->depthbuffer);
mix->fbo = 0;
mix->depthbuffer = 0;
if (!gst_gl_context_gen_fbo (mix->context, out_width, out_height,
&mix->fbo, &mix->depthbuffer))
goto context_error;
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