Commit 62a430ad authored by Matthew Waters's avatar Matthew Waters 🐨

videoaggregator: don't create converters when the subclass doesn't want them

fixes a critical with glvideomixer after

CRITICAL **: gst_video_converter_new: assertion 'in_info->width == out_info->width' failed
parent bc399a04
......@@ -409,9 +409,14 @@ gst_videoaggregator_update_converters (GstVideoAggregator * vagg)
return FALSE;
vagg->info = best_info;
/* short circuit */
if (vagg_klass->disable_frame_conversion)
return TRUE;
best_colorimetry = gst_video_colorimetry_to_string (&(best_info.colorimetry));
best_chroma = gst_video_chroma_to_string (best_info.chroma_site);
vagg->info = best_info;
"The output format will now be : %d with colorimetry : %s and chroma : %s",
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