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      theoraenc: Set speed level while running · f499810b
      David Schleef authored
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      Set the theoraenc speed-level property from libtheora's defaults. · d467eb70
      Ralph Giles authored
      The speed-level property, which allows callers to trade of encoding
      quality for speed in the libtheora api, has a version-dependent
      maximum and default values. Instead of hardcoding the acceptable
      range for the theoraenc element's presentation of this setting,
      we query the library directly at class initialization time and
      set the maximum and default values from that. If the query fails,
      we fall back to the previous default setting.
      To keep the values reported by gst-inspect (which I'm told use
      the spec values from the class) with those available on an\
      instantiated element, we remove to setting of enc->speed_level
      from the initializer and instead pass G_PARAM_CONSTRUCT to
      the property spec flags, asking g_object to set this property
      when theoraenc objects are constructed.
      NB in theory the maximum speed-level could depend on the actual
      video caps. If later versions of libtheoraenc do this, a second
      call will need to be made from theora_enc_reset to update the
      property, since this function is mostly useful for realtime
      adjustment of performance while the pipeline is running.
  9. 14 Feb, 2011 1 commit
    • Sjoerd Simons's avatar
      theoraenc: Don't reset the video quality setting the bitrate · 46f3e7c6
      Sjoerd Simons authored
      libtheora has two encoding modes, CBR, where it tries to hit a target
      bitrate and VBR where it tries to achieve a target quality.
      Internally if the target bitrate is set to anything other then 0 the
      encoding-mode is CBR.
      This means that the gstreamer element can leave the video_quality
      setting alone as long as the user is tweaking the bitrate. Which has the
      nice side-effect that if the user explicitely sets the bitrate to 0
      (which is actually the default), the quality value doesn't get reset and
      one ends up encoding VBR at quality-level 0...
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    • Vincent Penquerc'h's avatar
      oggmux: do not skip a pageno at start · b7664eae
      Vincent Penquerc'h authored
      Discontinuities are automatically signalled by oggdemux at the start
      of a new stream. When oggmux is yet to output actual data pages,
      do not signal these discontinuities in the ogg stream.
      This patch may miss some actual discontinuities at the very start of
      a stream, but avoids the spurious missing pages when encoding happens
      A better fix might involve finding a way to distinguish between actual
      data discontinuities and discontinuities merely marking the start of
      a new stream.
      Fixes an issue with ogg page numbering (would skip a number for no
      reason, which then looks like a packet was lost somewhere) when
      re-muxing an ogg stream, e.g. when re-tagging in rhythmbox.
    • Tim-Philipp Müller's avatar
      theoraenc: clean up property descriptions · 9805bdfc
      Tim-Philipp Müller authored
      Remove "This property requires libtheora version >= 1.1" qualifiers
      from property descriptions. They aren't needed any longer now that
      we require libtheora >= 1.1.
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