1. 04 Apr, 2011 3 commits
    • Stian Johansen's avatar
      baseaudiosrc: Add src object lock around call to ringbuffer parse caps. · 0f8edca9
      Stian Johansen authored
      A race was observed between query() and setcaps() where the latter would
      change the ringbuffer spec while the former was performing operations
      based this data.
    • Havard Graff's avatar
      baseaudiosrc: protect against ringbuffer disappearing while in a query · 63cfa2a5
      Havard Graff authored
      Observed a case where the src went to null-state during the query,
      hence the spec pointer was no longer valid, and
      gst_util_unit64_scale_int crashed (assertion `denom > 0´failed)
      Add locking to make sure the ringbuffer can't disappear.
    • Havard Graff's avatar
      baseaudiosink: don't allow aligning behind the read-segment · 588ac0ae
      Havard Graff authored
      Given a large enough drift-tolerance, one could end up in a situation
      where one would keep aligning the written buffers behind the current
      read-segment position. The result for the reader would be complete
      silence, possible preceded by very choppy audio.
      By checking the available headroom, one can determine if there is
      room to do alignment, or if one should resort to a resync instead to get
      the pointers back on track.
      Also refactor the alignment-logic out of the render function for cleaner
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