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And last but not least, update the TODO file

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And last but not least, update the TODO file
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......@@ -4,21 +4,19 @@ TODO list (short term):
to 'guint16 palette' in gstv4lsrc.[ch]
* v4lsrc: actually try the format out on capsnego
* all three: fix interlacing (not handled at all...)
* libgstrec: build (a library for video recording)
For other plugins:
* SDL: seems okay for now
* jpegmmxenc/dec: seems okay for now
* avidemux: seems okay for now, though it doesn't really handle
events yet
* avimux: interaction with disksink, maxfilesize support, events
* add overlay handling in v4lelement
* libgstrec
* avidemux: add events (seek)
* avimux: fps calculations
TODO list (long term):
* v4lmpegsrc: build (*hint* MPEG card needed *hint*)
* v4l2element && v4l2src: build (v4l2 supports far more features than
v4l1 so I really want seperate plugins for it)
* BSD-videosrc: build (based on Meteor API)
* v4lmpegsrc (*hint* MPEG card needed *hint*)
* v4l2element && v4l2src
* BSD-videosrc (meteorsrc?)
* color correction (brightness, hue, etc.)
* gamma correction
* dxr3sink
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