Commit ac9b69a0 authored by David Schleef's avatar David Schleef
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videotestsrc: add chroma-site to caps

parent 5379fbcd
......@@ -689,6 +689,16 @@ paint_get_structure (struct fourcc_list_struct * format)
gst_value_list_append_value (&value_list, &value);
gst_structure_set_value (structure, "color-matrix", &value_list);
g_value_reset (&value_list);
g_value_set_string (&value, "mpeg2");
gst_value_list_append_value (&value_list, &value);
g_value_set_string (&value, "jpeg");
gst_value_list_append_value (&value_list, &value);
gst_structure_set_value (structure, "chroma-site", &value_list);
g_value_unset (&value_list);
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