Commit a2532fc3 authored by Sebastian Dröge's avatar Sebastian Dröge
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vorbistag: Use g_base64_decode_inplace()

Instead of using the GLib base64 decoding functions manually to
do inplace base64 decoding. This makes the code easier to understand.
parent 1c475f10
......@@ -313,28 +313,20 @@ gst_vorbis_tag_add_coverart (GstTagList * tags, gchar * img_data_base64,
GstBuffer *img;
gsize img_len;
guchar *out;
guint save = 0;
gint state = 0;
if (base64_len < 2)
goto not_enough_data;
/* img_data_base64 points to a temporary copy of the base64 encoded data, so
* it's safe to do inpace decoding here
* TODO: glib 2.20 and later provides g_base64_decode_inplace, so change this
* to use glib's API instead once it's in wider use:
* */
out = (guchar *) img_data_base64;
img_len = g_base64_decode_step (img_data_base64, base64_len,
out, &state, &save);
g_base64_decode_inplace (img_data_base64, &img_len);
if (img_len == 0)
goto decode_failed;
img = gst_tag_image_data_to_image_buffer (out, img_len,
img =
gst_tag_image_data_to_image_buffer ((const guint8 *) img_data_base64,
if (img == NULL)
goto convert_failed;
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