Commit 760fac37 authored by Christian Schaller's avatar Christian Schaller

one missing file updated

Original commit message from CVS:
one missing file updated
parent 222eaddc
......@@ -230,7 +230,7 @@ GST_PLUGINS_ALL="\
intfloat law level\
median mixmatrix mpeg1enc mpeg1sys mpeg1videoparse mpeg2enc mpeg2sub\
mpegaudio mpegaudioparse mpegstream mpegtypes\
monoscope oneton passthrough playondemand qtdemux rtjpeg silence sine\
monoscope oneton passthrough playondemand qtdemux rtp rtjpeg silence sine\
smooth smpte spectrum speed stereo stereomono synaesthesia\
udp vbidec videocrop videoscale videotestsrc volenv volume\
vumeter wavenc wavparse y4m"
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