Commit 2f01e624 authored by Jan Schmidt's avatar Jan Schmidt

check: Fix the input uri in playbin2 test.

Don't try and use a random file in wim's home directory as a test input
parent a6cf0c8f
......@@ -389,9 +389,8 @@ GST_START_TEST (test_refcount)
"video-sink", videosink,
"vis-plugin", vis, "flags", 0x01 | 0x02 | 0x08, NULL);
g_object_set (playbin,
//"uri", "redvideo://", NULL);
"uri", "file:///home/wim/data/cdda.ogg", NULL);
g_object_set (playbin, "uri", "redvideo://", NULL);
//"uri", "file:///home/wim/data/cdda.ogg", NULL);
ASSERT_OBJECT_REFCOUNT (playbin, "playbin", 1);
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