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    Plugins cleanup: · dc597dcf
    Ronald S. Bultje authored
    Original commit message from CVS:
    Plugins cleanup:
    * stereo2mono, mono2stereo, int2float, float2int: replaced by audioconvert.
    * stereosplit replaced by oneton.
    * vumeter replaced by level (and was broken anyway).
    * avifile replaced by ffmpeg.
    * mjpegtools duplicates functionality of jpeg. jpeg now works with jpeg-mmx,
    too, which makes mjpegtools unneeded.
    * allow for jpegmmx instead of jpeg.
    * openquicktime replaced by qtdemux and ffmpeg. Broken anyway.
    * XMMS is broken and will never be fixed.
    * vga is broken and will not be fixed anywhere soon.
    * videosink has never worked. If it works, add it back to replace xvideosink.
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