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    oggmux: do not skip a pageno at start · b7664eae
    Vincent Penquerc'h authored
    Discontinuities are automatically signalled by oggdemux at the start
    of a new stream. When oggmux is yet to output actual data pages,
    do not signal these discontinuities in the ogg stream.
    This patch may miss some actual discontinuities at the very start of
    a stream, but avoids the spurious missing pages when encoding happens
    A better fix might involve finding a way to distinguish between actual
    data discontinuities and discontinuities merely marking the start of
    a new stream.
    Fixes an issue with ogg page numbering (would skip a number for no
    reason, which then looks like a packet was lost somewhere) when
    re-muxing an ogg stream, e.g. when re-tagging in rhythmbox.
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