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    tag: Adds basic exif tags support · 6b6a4e85
    Thiago Santos authored
    Adds exif helper lib functions to parse exif buffers from/to
    taglists. Exif is tipically used in jpeg images, but it can
    also be embedded into TIFF, AVI and WAV formats.
    Adds a couple function to handle exif in tiff header structures, that is how
    exif is embedded in jpeg and (obviously) in tiff.
    API: gst_tag_list_to_exif_buffer
    API: gst_tag_list_to_exif_buffer_with_tiff_header
    API: gst_tag_list_from_exif_buffer
    API: gst_tag_list_from_exif_buffer_with_tiff_header
    Fixes #614872
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