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tests: nvenc: Fix build condition

Enable build with new dynamic library dependency.
Note that this explicit dependency listing is required for Windows.
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......@@ -16,11 +16,8 @@ enable_gst_player_tests = get_option('gst_player_tests')
# Need explicit dependency listing for nvenc on Windows
nvenc_test_deps = []
if cuda_dep.found() and cudart_dep.found()
nvenc_test_deps += [cuda_dep, cudart_dep, gmodule_dep, gstgl_dep]
if use_nvenc_gl
nvenc_test_deps += gstgl_dep
if cuda_header_dep.found()
nvenc_test_deps += [gmodule_dep, gstgl_dep]
# name, condition when to skip the test and extra dependencies
......@@ -42,7 +39,7 @@ base_tests = [
[['elements/msdkh264enc.c'], not have_msdk, [msdk_dep]],
[['elements/nvenc.c'], not cuda_dep.found() or not cudart_dep.found(), nvenc_test_deps],
[['elements/nvenc.c'], not cuda_header_dep.found(), nvenc_test_deps],
[['elements/pcapparse.c'], false, [libparser_dep]],
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