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......@@ -5,39 +5,50 @@ polkit is a toolkit for defining and handling authorizations. It is
used for allowing unprivileged processes to speak to privileged
Latest documentation, reference manual and API description of polkit can be found at
Releases of polkit are available in compressed tarballs from
Older releases of polkit (until 0.115) are available in compressed tarballs from
Latest releases are available in compressed tarballs from
To verify the authenticity of the compressed tarball, use this command
$ gpg --verify polkit-$(VERSION).tar.gz.sign polkit-$(VERSION).tar.gz
gpg: Signature made Sat 10 Mar 2012 03:00:30 PM EST using RSA key ID 3418A891
gpg: Good signature from "David Zeuthen <>"
gpg: aka "[jpeg image of size 5237]"
gpg: Signature made Tue 23 Apr 2019 04:19:29 PM CEST using RSA key ID FFDCE258
gpg: Good signature from "Jan Rybar (Red Hat) <>"
Public key available here
Please report non-security bugs via the bugzilla at
Please report non-security bugs via the GitLab at
polkit uses the same mechanism for reporting security issues as dbus,
the most recent copy of instructions can be found in the DBus git
Please report any security issues not yet known to public
by creating new issue and checking the "This issue is confidential" checkbox.
A copy of the instructions as of 2015-06-04:
If you find a security vulnerability that is not known to the public,
please report it privately to
or by reporting a bug that is marked as
restricted to the "D-BUS security group".
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