Commit 9802b5fc authored by Masamichi Hosoda's avatar Masamichi Hosoda Committed by Albert Astals Cid

cpp: docs: Fix doc generating from

Doxygen generated document did not contain
`poppler::version_string()`, `poppler::version_major()`,
`poppler::version_minor()`, and `poppler::version_micro()`.
These descriptions are written in ``
in source files and doxygen could not parse ``
because its extension is not mapped to any languages.

This commit adds `*.in` to C++ in extension mapping.
As a result, doxygen parses `` as C++ file.
So generated document becomes to contain
`poppler::version_string()` etc.
parent e5fee74c
......@@ -217,7 +217,7 @@ OPTIMIZE_OUTPUT_VHDL = NO
# (default is Fortran), use: inc=Fortran f=C. Note that for custom extensions
# you also need to set FILE_PATTERNS otherwise the files are not read by doxygen.
# If you use STL classes (i.e. std::string, std::vector, etc.) but do not want
# to include (a tag file for) the STL sources as input, then you should
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