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    cpp: docs: Fix doc generating from poppler-version.h.in · 9802b5fc
    Masamichi Hosoda authored
    Doxygen generated document did not contain
    `poppler::version_string()`, `poppler::version_major()`,
    `poppler::version_minor()`, and `poppler::version_micro()`.
    These descriptions are written in `poppler-version.h.in`
    in source files and doxygen could not parse `poppler-version.h.in`
    because its extension is not mapped to any languages.
    This commit adds `*.in` to C++ in extension mapping.
    As a result, doxygen parses `poppler-version.h.in` as C++ file.
    So generated document becomes to contain
    `poppler::version_string()` etc.
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